Traditional Cable versus Fiber Internet Cable

Fiber Internet Cable consists of glass. There is an insulated jacket that covers this glass. The most common example of this cable is telecommunication.

It helps build a high-performance network to send data to a longer distance. This cable has a high capacity to provide internet services to long distances.

Most of the world’s internet constitutes this cable to provide fast and long-distance services.

optical fiber

Advantages of Fiber internet Optic Cable

  • The fiber internet cable has high bandwidth.
  • Have less attenuation
  • There is no electromagnetic interference.
  • It is lightweight.

Disadvantages of fiber internet Optic Cable

  • This cable is expensive.
  • The cable provides the service unidirectional.

What if we need bidirectional service?

  • Two fiber cable is used to provide bidirectional service.
  • The experts need to set up and keep up the services that aren’t easy to find.

Traditional cable transmit video signals.

These signals send to a lack the infrastructure or have extremely poor reception places.

The traditional cable consists of antennas. These antennas are on the top of the building to send and receive signals.

The coaxial cable helps to send these signals to the neighborhood to run the services.

This cable is also called cable TV. This cable also uses the coaxial cable for its communication.

What is Coaxial Cable?

Coaxial cable transmit audio and video communication. Most users take this cable as TV cable or cable for Tv services.

Structure of Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable consists of 5 Parts. The parts are listed for outer to the inner wire.

  1. Plastic
  2. Insulator
  3. Outer conductor(Shield)
  4. Insulator
  5. Inner conductor

Advantages of Traditional cable

  • The service provided by Traditional cable is reliable.
  • It is cheap.

Disadvantages of Traditional cable

  • This cable has a single-source provider, which results in a monopoly.
  • Having our TV cable hooked up to the internet or the world wide web will make it more difficult to keep our private lives separate.

In short, fiber internet and traditional cable are good, but they depend on what qualities they want in their internet.