Top Beauty tech trends and products 2021

In almost every element of our social lives, physical appearance plays a significant influence in every element of our social lives. As a result, today’s natural appearance needs numerous improvements from top beauty experts. Experts are now receiving assistance from top beauty tech industries.

With the advent of new technologies, consumers’ demands for beauty products have increased, pushing firms to innovate.

Even individuals who don’t wear makeup or decorative cosmetics need skincare and haircare products to keep their excellent looks.

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Although beauty technology is a relatively new notion, it, like other retail areas, has been revolutionized by the pandemic.

Where does today’s top beauty tech come from?

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What is its history?

Beauty Tech may be traced back to early paint and photo-editing software, but it truly took off with the recent introduction of AI and AR.

“Although beauty technology stretches back to the days of boxed computer applications (like “virtual makeover software” in 1998), prominent companies have only recently begun to invest extensively in the field.

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There have been breakthroughs, particularly in the field of augmented reality.

“A virtual try-on feature would have seemed unthinkable just a few years ago, but it now appears hyperrealistic.”

Personalization through Beauty Tech

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While this is fascinating, AI and AR are supported in the fields of computer science and mathematics. However, when dealing with other subjects, these algorithms encounter compatibility problems.

The finest Beauty Tech focuses on individuals, providing them with tools that appear almost magical to users. As a result, extensive customization is possible.

Perfect Corp  is one that provides top beauty tech products

The modern-day consumer desires tailored products developed exclusively for them.

This means that brands must understand their consumers’ individual needs to serve them across all consumer touchpoints better, both online and offline,” said Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp. “

The company provides the best software solution that incorporates AI and AR. The company also develops an app that has an enhanced selfie function.

youcam is top beauty tech
YouCam Cosmetic's hyper-realistic mirror-screen, from which users could try on numerous hair and makeup looks, was among this year's offerings."

Using Beauty Technology to Add a Sense of Play

AR has a certain element of fun to it.

AR blends the real world with an augmented environment where the user controls well beyond what is possible—or at least practical—in the real world.

The Pokémon Go craze, which merged game elements with whatever real-life location a person happened to be wandering through, mesmerized the world a few years ago.

Brows Technology

top brows beauty tech
This application is a gift for overpluckers or anyone who wants to pretend they've had a brow appointment in the last three months.

This desktop augmented reality program includes 15 different brow forms, 12 different hues, and a sliding scale to determine the thickness and arch size.

AR in the Beauty tech industry

When someone refers about AR, they are referring to technology that overlays information and virtual objects over real-world settings in real-time,” Forbes magazine says. It adds information to an existing environment to build a new artificial one.”

Then Forbes gives this fascinating example from Rolex: “The corporation has designed a virtual try-on experience where prospective clients may try on numerous styles and models.”

(The author provides a video of himself using the program to see which Rolex would look best on him.) There’s no information on whether he bought anything.)

AR is popular in every business, including the beauty industry.

It aids brands and retailers in providing the essential try-before-you-buy experience to beauty buyers.

Virtual reality

The customers are also excited about the AR tech products.

The AR virtual try-on technology has advanced significantly over the years, allowing beauty firms to offer an interactive digital experience for a wide range of color cosmetics goods, including lipstick, eye shadow, eyebrow, eyeliner, eyelashes, and blush, contour, and foundation.

The hyper-realistic virtual try-on technology even extends to hair color, color contact lenses, and other categories, effectively altering the shopper’s beauty journey and empowering consumers to make informed buying decisions.

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Top Beauty Tech in business

Technologically sophisticated AI and AR provide actual, measurable results for beauty firms and assist merchants in growing their businesses.

Beauty tech should not be overlooked because of its real-world commercial advantages.

In fact, real-world results frequently exceed expectations, resulting in extraordinary business impacts across a wide range of circumstances, both online and offline.

Here are some examples of how digitally savvy businesses have benefited from various beauty technology applications:

Formularity (toner blending device)

By Amorepacific

To acquire that squeaky-clean feeling, washing your face with soap and water isn’t enough.

Formularity tech beauty product
Source: Amorepacific

Each time you use Formularity, a new dose of skincare product is created and delivered on a cotton pad for hygienic application.

Formularity mixes the dose into a liquid toner base when you pick an ampoule (serum) installed on the device.

It then soaks a pre-inserted cotton pad in the blended product and heats or cools it to the optimal temperature for skin absorption.

The gadget can hold up to three different skincare ampoules, making it adaptable to various skin concerns.

Furthermore, the formulations are diluted inside the device and applied on a cotton pad.

Consequently, customers are not in danger of contaminating the goods by hand.

Lumini PM (personalized mirror)

By lululab Inc.

Lumini PM
 The Lululab Inc. Lumini PM smart mirror uses artificial intelligence (AI). 

“On the wall, there is a mirror. Now you have the opportunity to be the fairest of them all.”

The Lululab Inc. Lumini PM smart mirror uses artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology to act as a personal “skin” assistant, recommending the best cosmetics, home care devices, and skincare solutions.

Simply gaze in the mirror: Lumini PM data is uploaded to the smartphone app for analysis.

Following that, the mobile app gives a tailored skin diagnostic, recommendations, and an engaging community for people with similar skin traits.

Top Beauty Tech Products

Top Mink Beauty tech

Have you come upon something on the internet that you wish you could use? Thanks to Mink Beauty, this is now feasible.

Mink is top beauty tech
Source: Mink Beauty

Mink is the world’s first 3D cosmetics printer, capable of converting any image into a wearable color cosmetic in seconds.

In 2014, it shook up the beauty market with its ground-breaking concept of printing makeup anywhere and by anyone.

“As online media and entertainment grew in popularity, viewers were able to choose how and what content they wanted to consume.

Above all, this option allows viewers to curate information according to their likes, perspectives, and preferences,” explains Grace Choi, Mink’s founder.

“Mink provides that aspect of personality to beauty and puts the user in control. These photographs are proving to be a source of inspiration for users. They can choose, control, and create exactly what they want from their content using Mink.”

How does it work?

Run the Mink app and import any image from your iOS or Android device to use the printer.

After that, you can choose to print the complete image or just a particular color.

Place a Mink makeup sheet in the tray and push the print button.

The makeup sheets also are co-developed with cosmetic brands to ensure product quality and performance.

After the printing is finished, the cosmetics are almost ready to use.

Grace Choi adds, “It can print 16.7 million colors and is so exact that you can see the tiniest hairs.”

“The cosmetic-grade ink adheres to Mink’s patented makeup sheets and transforms into wearing makeup almost instantly.”

Simply sweep your finger or brush across the sheet. Apply it to the parts of your face that need it.

After that(printing), use the cosmetic sheets within two weeks.

Makeup remover, like regular makeup, soap, and water, can remove printed makeup.

Additionally, Mink has teamed with a beauty retailer to provide guests with the opportunity to try out the Mink printer.

But, the product is not for sale yet, because the company plans to explore it more.


Blush Glitter GloPro Micro-Needling Facial Regeneration is one of the greatest skincare treatments. GloPRO is one of the top and safe beauty technology to revitalize your skin.

GloPRO smoothes fine wrinkles, evens out skin tone, and keeps skin appearing young.

The needling sensation is barely discernible, and the procedure takes only 60 seconds to complete.

It functions as an exfoliant.

It’s also crucial to keep the needles clean. It does, however, sanitize it after each use.

Eterno LED Device

NASA’s regenerative LED technology is also a beauty gadget. It has been used to create the Eterno LED Device, a beauty device.

This beauty product softens fine lines and fades sunspots with its handheld device.

eterno led device
Source: The Eterno NASA LED Device

With its wonderful simple device, Eternor is one of the game-changer beauty gadgets in the modern world.

It’s also simple to use and can help with acne and sunspots.

Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Kit

This skincare lotion is a must-have for beauty gurus because the Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Kit will help you clean your brushes quickly and efficiently without wasting time.

makeup brushes

This beauty technology tool is a godsend for makeup artists who use many brushes regularly.

Being able to clean things up easily and fast is highly desirable.