Top Artificial intelligence (AI) chips 2021

What is the term chips mean!

Chip is made of the wafer using a process called photolithography. Through this process transistors, and circuits are planted in semiconductors by depositing different layers of various materials on chips. Below are some top AI chips discussed. Let’s take a look and discover how these are helping.

So the world’s best company that is leading this technology is Nvidia right now, but there is many other company that takes part in it.

AI Chip 2021

These chips technology lead our world to an advanced world where the work is done very professionally and mistakes that humans do less. Moreover, this technology gives life to human beings that are handicapped by making such a sensor that can help them walk and see like normal people.

Why chips need:-

So for this question, the answer is that we do many functions faster and more efficiently than in the past.

Top Modern AI chips in 2021:-

There are a lot of chips that are coming into the market some of them are:

  1. Ambarella CV52S.
  2. Atlazo AZ-N1.
  3. AWS Trainium.
  4. Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 2.
  5. Google TPU v4.
  6. Mythic M1076 Analog Matrix Processor.

1-Top Ambarella CV52S AI chips

So this is an AI vision system chip which is 4K security cameras. This chip is used for protection purposes like in houses, schools, and people and protects these pets. And this helps in monitoring the different activities.

Sensor based chips 2021

These chips are also used for speed cameras on roads. Like in our advanced world, cars are so fast which is not good for walking people on road, so with these chips, we can challenge them to force them to be slow. These can provide a 360-degree view that is more convenient. Moreover, this can also provide the online stream that people can see their cameras worldwide by connecting them to WIFI. This can also observe the objects like fire rain sensors that can ring when unusual activity is done.

2- Top Altazo AZ-N1 AI chips

These AI chips are related to audio, Health monitoring, and sensor use cases. This is a very fast interaction with things. It almost has 130 inferences. Moreover, it uses earbuds, hearing aids, and health monitoring devices.

This chip can also work as a microphone, which is very fast interference and good interaction. These chips are super fast, and we can update them to do tasks as per requirement. This also has a function or works for Bluetooth connectivity, and this also has an application that can allow converting AC/DC Regulation.

3-AWS Trainium

This is one of the top AI chips. The AWS Trainium is the second custom machine learning chip designed by AWS, which provides us best-price performance for training ML models in chips so. The full name of this chip is the amazon web series, so this is an advanced series of the chip introduced in 2020, and by this chip, we have a facility of voice recognition, natural language processing, and recommendation engines.

Advance GPU chips 2021

Moreover, this chip is more price-performance than Nvidia GPU Running in AWS cloud instances. This kind of chip is used for image classification it observes the image and does a step according to the requirement like if it is used in the police station, it recognizes the people who did not do good things when they get arrested. And this will realize them show their history.

4-Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine 2

These chips are bigger, and they are made to meet the world that requires high performance. The size of this chip is almost 46,225-millimeter square, and it contains 1.2 trillion transistors and is used for deep learning workloads. Because of the big size, it is much faster than the above chips.

Cerebras chips

WSE is thus 56 times larger than the larWSE and is thus 56 times larger than the largest graphics processing unit currently available on the market. It has 3,000 times the amount of on-chip memory and more than 10,000 times the amount of memory bandwidth.

The Cerebras WSE can deliver more computer cores and more local memory; moreover, it provides more memory bandwidth than any other chip from the past. This enables fast computation, and it offers high speed to train a model and consumes less energy. This is the largest chip ever built. They are more efficient than any other chip.

5-Google TPU v4

Its name indicates that it is a Google product. This is one of the top Google AI chips. This is something that directly benefits academics, developers, and companies. Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) are utilized for custom-developed application-specific integrated circuits, and they are used to speed machine learning workloads in this context.

According to,” CEO of google Pichai said. Top supercomputers are at their extreme, but the TPU V4 POD is not on this list because of less precision number than the supercomputer.

6-Hic M1076 Analog Matrix Processor

So Mythic is promising the best performance, stability, and efficiency with its recently revealed M1076 analog Matrix Processor, and it is also known as Mythic AMP. This is a single chip for high-end edge AI applications.

The M1076 AMP is capable of storing 80M weight parameters without any external memory. Moreover, it is 10 timeless power consumes. M1076 is ideal for video analytics workloads, including object detection and depth estimation for industrial machine vision. However, it is used in drones for their multiple application. It acts as the brain of everything, and every action is done by receiving a user command. Another application is AR/VR application which helps in the future to maintain good health and fitness.