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The major Windows 11 Moment 4 update has become available to all users

Microsoft has released the Moment 4 update for Windows 11 as mandatory patch KB5031455. You can postpone installing it for a while, but you won’t be able to completely abandon it; later it will still be downloaded and installed.

What’s new in Moment 4:

  • Copilot is an adaptation of Bing Chat that replaced Cortana. With its help you can get answers to questions, find information, get tips on working with applications
  • New mixer — adjusts the volume for each running program and allows you to choose what sound is output through and easily switch between different speakers or headphones.
  • New “Explorer” — with cloud integration and improved work with tabs.
  • Archiver — with the ability to unpack and pack RAR, 7z and other formats.
  • New Photos app — with several additional features, including background blur in photos.
  • New Paint — with a set of additional AI-based features, including removing the background in a couple of clicks and creating drawings based on a text request.
  • Updated Scissors utility — with optical text recognition on screenshots and saving text data.
  • Windows Backup is an application for saving operating system settings and applications in case of recovery in case of computer failure.
  • “Dynamic lighting”—adjusts the lighting of gaming components.
  • Automatically save edited text in Notepad without the risk of losing what you typed.

After installing the KB5031455 patch, the Windows 11 build number changes to 22621.2506. Moment 4 is a small part of the 23H2 update, which is already ready and will be released in the coming weeks. This is the last major update to Windows 11, after which Microsoft will begin preparing for the release of Windows 12.

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