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Telegram 10.2 has been released — a very big update!

The popular Telegram messenger has received an update to version 10.2. TG Info writes about this.

According to the source, Telegram 10.2 received a number of innovations and changes. Some of them apply to Premium users, but there is something for everyone else.

  • Personal colors. Now a Premium subscription user can choose a personal color or a combination of several colors. It will color your name in all groups, links you sent and quotes in replies. You can also select any single-color emoji and it will be displayed in the background of replies to your messages. Similar settings are available for channels that have reached level 5.
  • Answers 2.0. When replying to messages, you can now quote not the entire text, but only a specific part of it. When navigating from an answer, the quote will be highlighted. To reply to part of a message, you need to tap on the message (or hold your finger), highlight the text and click “Quote”.
  • Quotes in messages. A new type of message formatting has appeared — now you can format the text as a quote. Inside quotes, you can additionally design the text in bold or italics.
  • Settings for links. Now you can place a preview of the link above or below the text, change the size of the photo and select a link to preview from several manually — previously, the last one added was automatically “picked up”.

Other innovations:

  • Fast forward and rewind stories by holding your finger
  • Customizable flash for front camera in stories
  • Gesture prompt when viewing stories for the first time
  • Code highlighting in messages
  • A new way to format text on Android.

Telegram 10.2 is currently available for Android and iOS. Telegram Desktop has also been updated to version 4.11. The build for macOS will be updated later. 

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