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Smart IoT world 2022.

As I mentioned in my earlier article based on IoT. In this piece, I am helping you improve your thinking to the next level. The Smart IoT world is like a room where billions of devices are merely linked all over the planet. It is like a server where all the data is gathered and altered depending on certain data. This information is gathered in order to make things more accurate and to address the difficulties that humans face.

Smart IoT world

The server is the heart of every technology.

For example, the app is designed to remind you that you need to take a walk since you have been sitting in the same position for many hours. The data collected by this software is sent to its server, which creates data, and then notifies you that it is necessary for you to move about or walk.

Table of Content

  1. What is this technology?
  2. How does this thing work!
  3. Advantages for this invention

What is this Smart IoT world?

Firstly, as you know a server system where all devices are connected means all smart IoT have some kind of connection with each other without knowing that we are connected with someone else in the overworld. So just take an example that your phone just lost somewhere and you don’t know where it is. Then a few years ago it meant you have to buy a new phone or go to the police. So in this advanced world where you know that everything is connected with each other. By this idea, a lot of companies made a plate form where devices share their location and give some specific data, not all data only relevant data. So by this point now we can have some hope to find your device or any IoT device by letting another device search your device.

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