Rising technology (2022):Update Week

Update your week with the latest tech news. In the year 2022, technology is rising at a breakneck pace.

For example, the things we perceive in large sizes are becoming smarter and smaller in size with increasing precision.

Everybody is trying to innovate in this era of artificial intelligence.

As a result, our industry is becoming more automated, more productive, and attracting more people.

Update yourself with Technology

Metal VS Soft Robots

Soft robots appeal to many people because they are adaptable and safe.

What are soft Robots?

Soft robotics is a robotics subfield. People are drawn to this rising updated technology because of its features.

Soft robots are made of tiny metals that move like skin.

This technology’s physical characteristics resemble those of biological organisms.

Soft robots imitate human behaviour, emotion, and thought processes.

When you hear the word “robot,” you usually think of a machine with a metal shell.

Rising Metal robot

They are designed to assist humans in completing daily chores by engaging with them and managing their workloads.

Unfortunately, conventional robots struggle to execute even the most basic jobs in this context. They’re also bulky and noisy.

Rising technology vs old technology robot

Elastomers Technology: A update for Robot

Here, soft robots have an advantage over their(Metal Robots) hard counterparts.

Elastomers (high viscosity and elasticity) make soft robots.

This technology better withstands shocks, adapts to their environments, and is safer than traditional robots.

There are a wide variety of medical and surgical applications now that are possible because of this.

AI technology innovation

Problem: There are still mechanical pumps in the fluidic systems of many of these soft robots (motors and bearings). It’s because of this that the vehicles are still hefty and noisy.

Solution: Update the Metal Pumps with EHD Technology Pump

Chemical reactions use to power pumps to solve this issue.

These systems are indeed light and silent, yet conventional pumps function better.

Does this trade-off have a way out?

Yes, the answer is yes.

Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT) researchers led by Prof. Shingo Maeda developed an “electrohydrodynamic” (EHD) pump that utilizes electrochemical processes to power pumps. There are no drawbacks to EHD(electrohydrodynamic) pumps compared to chemical reaction-driven pumps.

Based on the design of the EHD pump, the team came up with the ECDT design. The pump has planar electrodes arranged in a symmetrical pattern, making it simple to alter the flow direction by adjusting the voltage. Because the electric field strength on both sides was equal, the setup allowed for an obstruction-free flow and equal amounts in both directions.