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Overwatch 2 Season 7 Update: Comprehensive List of Hero Adjustments

The latest patch notes for Overwatch 2 Season 7 detail numerous modifications to heroes, reflecting Blizzard’s ongoing efforts to fine-tune the game’s equilibrium. This season, Sombra undergoes the most significant transformation, with a select few heroes experiencing various tweaks. The majority of these alterations are subtle and won’t drastically shift gameplay dynamics, except for notable changes concerning Mei and Ramattra.

Season 7 introduces a series of Halloween-themed events, a debated new skin for Moira, and an innovative Control map. Additionally, Blizzard has shed light on a hidden feature influencing your battle pass XP.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what’s new and revised in Overwatch 2 Season 7.

The spotlight of Season 7 is undeniably the extensive overhaul of Sombra.

Sombra’s stealth mode has transitioned into a passive trait, activating unless she’s under attack or engaging in combat. Her translocator no longer remains stationary on the field; it now instantly teleports her to its thrown destination.

Sombra has also acquired «Virus,» a novel ability that embeds a bug into a chosen adversary, inflicting 100 damage over four seconds or 100 damage in half the time if the target is hacked.

Here’s a detailed look at these changes:

Machine Pistol

  • Damage amplified from 7.5 to 8.
  • Minimum Spread decreased from 0.5 to 0.
  • Shots required to reach maximum spread extended from 3 to 6 shots.
  • Reload duration shortened from 1.4 seconds to 1.2 seconds.


  • Activation time lessened from 0.75 seconds to 0.65 seconds.
  • Initiating a hack on an enemy hero now disrupts Stealth.
  • Cooldown extended from 4 to 6 seconds.
  • If Hack is disrupted or targets a non-hero enemy, its cooldown is reduced to 3 seconds.
  • The «Hacked» alert only displays while silenced, not throughout the entire hack debuff duration.


  • Eliminated.


  • This ability has been revamped into a passive trait. Sombra automatically turns invisible after 3.5 seconds unless she’s attacking, using a harmful ability, or taking damage.
  • Speed boost during Stealth decreased from 60% to 45%.
  • Transition time into Stealth shortened from 0.375 seconds to 0.25 seconds, and from Stealth is reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.375 seconds.
  • UI notifications for Sombra when hacking Health Packs have been updated for clarity.


  • Manual activation is no longer possible. The Translocator now auto-teleports Sombra 0.25 seconds post-throw or upon environmental impact.
  • Using the Translocator reduces the Stealth passive cooldown.
  • Projectile velocity boosted from 25 to 72.
  • Cooldown shortened from 6 seconds to 5 seconds, commencing post-teleportation to the Transponder’s location.
  • Initial vertical offset for projectile launch has been removed.

EMP Adjustments

  • Ultimate charge requirement has been raised by 15%.
  • The percentage of health damage has been reduced from 40% to 30%.

Virus Introduction

  • A new ability, set to Ability 1 by default.
  • Launches a projectile that inflicts damage over time, with accelerated damage on Hacked foes.
  • Direct Hit Damage: 10 (Doubles to 20 on a hacked opponent).
  • Sustained Damage: 100 across 4 seconds (100 across 2 seconds for hacked foes).

Orisa’s Downgrade

  • Orisa’s damage resistance has been slightly reduced, now at 45%, down from 50%.

Ramattra’s Enhancement

  • Ramattra’s Nemesis Mode cooldown has been shortened by one second, now seven seconds from eight. This change aims to boost his survivability and utility.

Wrecking Ball’s Upgrade

  • Wrecking Ball receives a beneficial adjustment to his firing spread. It now requires 30 shots to achieve maximum spread, up from the previous 20, allowing for more impactful damage before accuracy diminishes.

Zarya’s Downgrade

  • In Season 7, Zarya’s projected barrier has been resized to match her particle barrier, with its health reduced to 200. The goal is to align its primary function – energy augmentation – with its combo-setup utility.

Cassidy’s Enhancement

  • Cassidy experiences a minor boost. His damage resistance during the dodge roll action is now heightened to 75%, up from 50%.

Mei’s Modifications

  • The perception of this change as a nerf or buff is subjective. Blizzard has eliminated the Deep Chill passive that progressively slowed adversaries. Mei’s functionality remains consistent, but her blaster now imposes a slowing effect.The blaster’s damage output has been increased to 100 DPS, a significant rise from 70.

Torbjorn’s Downgrades

  • Torbjorn’s recovery time post-primary fire has been slightly extended. His self-buff now grants 75 overhealth, a reduction from the previous 100.

Brigitte’s Enhancement

  • Brigitte has been a frequent subject of adjustments. In Season 7, her flail’s damage output has been increased from 70 to 80 per strike.

Illari’s Downgrade

  • Illari undergoes a minor nerf in this update round. Her healing ray now restores 105 health per second, down from 120.

Clarification on Season 7’s Departure Penalties

  • Blizzard has provided clarity on the game’s penalty system for match departures. Players who exit a specific number of matches within a 20-game set will face progressive penalties affecting their battle pass XP and may even be restricted from joining new games.Here’s the breakdown:
    • The penalty criteria remain unchanged, but the specifics were previously ambiguous. The system tracks a player’s last 20 matches. Exiting four of these triggers the initial penalty level, while leaving six activates the second.
    • Players within a penalty bracket will face matchmaking restrictions.
    • The first penalty level results in a 10-minute suspension, while the second leads to a 30-minute suspension.
    • This suspension is reapplied each time a player exits a match within the first penalty bracket, but not upon match completion.
    • The «Consecutive Match XP bonus» has been rebranded as «Endurance Bonus.»
    • The Endurance Bonus rewards players with XP for completing matches without exiting the preceding game.

Overwatch 2 Season 7’s New Terrain: Samoa

Season 7 unveils a fresh Control map named Samoa. It features three distinct zones: a beachside resort, a subterranean complex encircled by molten lava, and the heart of an advanced metropolis. Initially, Samoa will be exclusively accessible in the Arcade segment for the first few weeks of the season. Subsequently, it will make its appearance in competitive ranked games.

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