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Oneplus 10 Pro Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Oneplus 10 pro is one of the most controversial flagships from Oneplus. After all, for not the highest cost, it has a lot of advantages, but we should not forget about the disadvantages of which there are plenty. However, I believe that one of the best flagships from Oneplus. At least for its cost.

Contents of delivery

The smartphone comes in a huge red box with the Oneplus and Hasselblad logo. The box itself contains an envelope with a paper clip and a thank you letter. Next comes another envelope with a very good cover and stickers.

At the very depth of the box there is a power supply as much as 80W and a thick red (for those who don’t know, red is the corporate color of Oneplus) cable one meter long so that it can withstand such power of the charging unit.

Well, how can you forget about the most important thing. The smartphone itself is in shipping packaging and with a film glued to the screen. Moreover, I want to point out that the case and film are of very good quality, and the film is completely hydrogel and also has an oleophobic coating.

Appearance and shape

When you first touch the phone, you will immediately feel the premium quality of the materials. On the front of the smartphone there is a waterfall screen with almost invisible frames and a small front camera in the upper left corner. On the right side there is a power button and switching sound modes, and on the left side there is a volume rocker. The back cover features the Oneplus logo and a square camera block with the Hasselblad logo. The shape of the smartphone itself is rounded, which makes your first impression of an extremely thin phone.


When you turn on your smartphone for the first time, the first thing you will notice is the display and I’m ready to convince you that it will not disappoint you. The 6.7-inch display itself is made using rounded display technology, which for some will be a minus, but it will get better in the future. The display itself has a resolution of 3216×1440 (WQHD or simple 2K) with a screen refresh of 120 Hz and LTPO technology, and I won’t forget about Always on Display.

The screen resolution can be changed, as well as the screen refresh rate from 60 to 120 hertz with adaptive Hertz change. When not using the display and a static picture, the Hertz will drop to 10, which will save the battery charge. Well, for this price, the display is of course made using SUPER AMOLED technology.

CPU performance and temperatures

The smartphone has one of the flagship processors, namely Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen 1. And believe me, it delivers extremely high performance, although it also heats up well. The processor is made using a 4-nanometer process technology and has 8 cores with a frequency of up to 3 GHz. And it has a video accelerator Adreno 730.

In Antutu Bencmark, the processor can give up to 1 million points, and heat up to 40 degrees (which is a rather bad indicator).

In Geekbench 6, the single-core test gives 1308 points, and the multi-core test gives 3339 points. In general, I can describe the performance as excessive, since it is enough for all games at 120 fps. Although if you are fans of Genshin Impact, then you will have to limit yourself to 60 Fps, although do not forget that this is at extreme settings and 2k resolution. 


The camera on this smartphone is also of extremely good quality. It consists of three modules 50+48+8 MP. Since neplus cooperates with Hasselblad, the smartphone has settings and filters from Hasselblad. The main module has 50 megapixels and takes high-quality photos with an optical zoom of 3.3x and software zoom of 30x. The second module is used for wide-angle photos and videos, as well as for Bokeh mode. The third and one of the most useless modules in this smartphone (my personal opinion). After all, it is only 8 megapixels and is used for the fish-eye effect and 150-degree photos.

And also the effect of a film cassette. And the problem is not so much 8 megapixels, but rather their useless use. A few words about the front camera. It has 32 megapixels and video recording only in Full HD. From myself I can say that the front camera is of average quality and therefore I see no point in testing it. Now let’s talk about the quality of video recording on the main camera because there is a lot of variety. In full HD she shoots in 30 and 60 frames. per second. Test at 60 frames per second: In 4K 30, 60 and get ready at 120 frames per second! Test at 60 and 120 frames per second: And finally, one of the main, but useless features. This is 8K at 24 frames per second.

After all, when shooting in this quality, it takes no more than 5 minutes and gets very hot. Overall, the cameras will not leave you disappointed.


The autonomy of this smartphone is at one of the highest levels. After all, the battery capacity is 5000 mAh. With maximum resolution (WQHD) and Hertz (120Hz) screen using a GPS navigator, browser, YouTube and mobile games, the smartphone can last the whole day and maybe until the next morning. If you use the economy mode and do not play games, the smartphone can last 2 full days!

Which is a very large amount of time for a modern smartphone. And it would seem that charging such a large battery would take a lot of time, but no! After all, it charges up to 50% in 15 minutes, and up to 100% in just 30 minutes. This gives you the opportunity to completely forget about charging your phone. After all, you can get up in the morning, put your phone on charge, and while you wash your face or have breakfast, your phone is already fully charged.


As mentioned, there are 3 control buttons on the smartphone. Power button. Volume control button. And the sound mode control rocker is like on an iPhone, but with 3 modes: Sound, vibration and silent. You can see details in the photo:

Operating system

Out of the box, the phone runs on Android 12 running Oxygen os 12. But Android 13 running Oxygen os 13 has long been released. The Android update period on Oneplus phones is from 3 to 5 years. The system itself works extremely quickly and responsively. Over the course of a year of use, I did not experience a single bug or freeze. Which is a great indicator for a Chinese smartphone. I would also like to replace the Oneplus corporate design and its default applications in the system. But do not confuse them with pre-installed slag, it is not here.

Sensors and methods for unlocking a smartphone

The smartphone has a huge number of sensors. Such as: GPS, barometer, gyroscope, NFC, etc. But the biggest surprise was the infrared sensor on the top speaker to help with face unlocking in the dark. The smartphone also has on-screen unlocking using a fingerprint.


The smartphone has 2 speakers, that is, stereo. One speaker is located on the bottom edge of the smartphone, and the second is on top and is also used as a conversation speaker. The upper speaker is noticeably lower than the lower one, although this does not interfere with general use. The volume is more than satisfactory.

Case materials and smartphone protection standards

The case materials cannot be called anything other than premium. The side frame is made of aluminum, and the back cover is made of glass with an unusual coating that makes it look like sand. The display and back cover are coated with Gorila Glass Victul and can experience up to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. The camera blocks are covered with sapphire-coated glass, which makes it possible for them not to be scratched or to get the camera modules dirty. The smartphone also has dust and moisture protection according to the IP68 standard, which allows it to be under water at a depth of 5 meters for up to 15 minutes.

Dimensions and ergonomics

Using this smartphone mostly brings only pleasure, although it is not without its drawbacks. Although the phone seems large and weighs 201 grams, it is very pleasant to hold and not heavy. But there is one caveat and the name is its case. After all, due to the specific coating of the phone body, it slips very much in your hand, especially if your hand is sweaty or somehow wet. Therefore, I recommend using your phone in a case.


After six months of using Oneplus 10 pro, there were only positive emotions, although there were some drawbacks (although no smartphone is perfect). What is most surprising is the software support from Oneplus and technical specifications at a lower price than other companies. After all, at the moment it has flagship characteristics for the price of a minimal iPhone or Samsung. And the software support is greater than that of Samsung, as is the very quality of this support. Although everyone has their own criteria for the operating system. Therefore, I advise you to carefully inspect the phone in the store before purchasing.


  • High quality display with high resolution
  • Loud speakers
  • Rich scope of delivery
  • Fast charging
  • Large battery
  • Nice operating system
  • Good camera quality
  • High performance
  • High quality build materials
  • High standards of protection


  • Large block of cameras
  • Using the earpiece as the main speaker
  • Camera rattling due to optics
  • Screen with waterfall technology
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