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How to Make NPCs Run Away from You in GMod? Editorial Guide.

Understanding GMod NPCs

NPCs Defined

Non-player characters, or NPCs, in GMod are those entities that are not controlled by the player but rather by the game’s AI. These characters enhance the overall gaming experience by populating the world, allowing players to interact, challenge, or collaborate with them. In GMod, NPCs can range from pedestrians to zombies, each with its set of behaviors.

Setting Up for Success

Basic Requirements and Preparations

Before you can dive into modifying NPC behaviors, you’ll need a few tools:

  1. GMod Base Game: Ensure you’ve the latest version installed.
  2. Console Access: Ensure that the developer console is enabled. This can be done from the game’s settings.
  3. Relevant Add-ons: Some add-ons allow for easier control of NPC behaviors. Search for these in the Steam Workshop for GMod.

Making NPCs Run Away from You

Methods and Techniques

  1. Using in-game commands:
    • npc_citizen_auto_player_squad_allow_use: This command might be used to toggle whether NPCs should follow or stay away from you. Setting it to «0» typically makes NPCs avoid joining the player.
    • ai_disable: Disables all NPC thinking. Though it doesn’t make them run away, it stops them from interacting with the player.
  2. Leveraging available scripts:Several scripts in the GMod community can modify NPC behaviors. An example is the «Fearful NPCs» script available in the Steam Workshop. Once installed, this script can be activated to make NPCs run away when they spot the player.
  3. Crafting a custom LUA script:If you’re familiar with LUA scripting, you can write a script to customize the behavior of NPCs. This method provides the most flexibility but requires coding knowledge. For instance, to make a specific NPC run away when spotting the player, one can use a series of LUA commands and conditions.

Why Does Our Team Think This is Important?

Modifying NPC behaviors can drastically alter the gameplay experience in GMod. Whether you’re setting up a horror scenario where NPCs flee from an unseen terror (that’s you!) or just wanting to understand the mechanics behind the game better, learning how to manipulate NPC behaviors is beneficial. Not only does it enhance immersion, but it also allows players to create custom scenarios and stories. Plus, tinkering with the game’s mechanics can be a stepping stone into the vast world of game modding.

Comparison Table:

MethodDifficulty LevelCustomizabilityRisk of Errors
In-game commandsEasyLowLow
Available scriptsMediumMediumMedium
Custom LUA scriptHardHighHigh

FAQ and Answers

Can I make only specific NPCs run away and not others?

Yes, with LUA scripting, you can target specific NPC classes or types, allowing for precise control over behaviors.

Is there a risk to my game files when modding?

All modding comes with some risk. It’s always a good idea to back up your game files before making any changes. This way, if something goes wrong, you can restore your game to its previous state.

Do I need any programming knowledge for this?

For basic in-game commands, no prior knowledge is required. However, for more advanced customization using LUA scripting, having a basic understanding of programming concepts is beneficial.

Can NPCs running away affect other game elements?

It can, depending on how the behavior is implemented. For instance, if an NPC that’s crucial for a mission runs away, it might affect the game’s progression. Always test new behaviors extensively before integrating them into your main gameplay.

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