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How To Curve Text In Canva?

Using this technique, you can stylishly and unusually design your lead magnet , logo, banner. For example, like the one nearby.

In this article you will find step-by-step instructions on how to use this function in Canva + design examples that I am sure you will immediately want to repeat 🙂

Where can such a function come in handy?

1) Logo

I recently redesigned my website logo and this time I made it entirely in the Canva editor. I REALLY like the result!

2) Trackers

I used this function in templates to create one-page trackers and checklists. The circular monthly tracker is my favorite! 🙂

3) Design elements

With this feature you can create interesting decorative elements that always attract attention. You can see examples below.

On the cover of Checklist Template #17, I curved the words “Download for free.” As a result, ordinary text turned into a unique design element.

In all the banners for the post «65 Beautiful Fonts in Canva» I created a round stamp from the text «Free Canva Fonts». This added both elegance and information to the banners.

Now you understand why all the designers in the world have been waiting for Canva developers to add this feature! )))

How the Curve Text function works. Secrets and subtleties of editing

This feature is very easy to use.

1) Open or create a template in Canva
2) Add a text block. If it’s already there, just click on it.
3) From the toolbar, select the «Effects» tab.
4) Find the «Bend» command and click on it.
5) Use the slider to adjust the degree of bending.

Please note that the text can curve either up or down. It depends on which direction you drag the slider (left or right).

The degree of bending can be adjusted not only using the slider, but also through various manipulations with the text. You can:

  • change font or size
  • write the text in capital letters
  • increase letter spacing
  • add spaces or other characters between words

All this is perfectly demonstrated in the example below. The result is an interesting element, similar to a seal.

*Note. I prefer to create such small elements in Canva on a separate page and on a large scale, and then reduce them down and transfer them to the finished banner. In Canva, you can move an element from one page to another simply by dragging it with the mouse.

Another lifehack!

If it is difficult for you to catch the desired bend angle with your mouse, you can manually enter the desired value. Write your numbers in the parameters box and press «Enter».

In the example below, I set the top of the text to «55». For the bottom “-55”.

These are the stylish banners I ended up with for Pinterest. And they are here not only to admire them. Save this post, I’m sure you will return to it more than once.

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