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Facebook ads Guides

Facebook ads guides simply mean that how to advertise the brands or any kind of things on facebook. Mean that if you want to advertise you product or anything you are using facebook.

facebook ads

You can earn money for this advertising product and it very easy and reliable for attracting peoples. This is because billion of people are connected to facebook and people are more social as compared to past. So by this you can target a particular people to see your campaign or advertise things. Like if you want to advertise a T-Shirt brands so by this you can target a particular public like Teenagers or 18+ public can be target easily.


  • Requirment for Facebook ads.
  • Benefits of these Facebook ads.
  • Disbenefits fo these ads.

Requirement for Facebook ads:

You must need a facebook page for showing ads of anything. Steps for making ads from facebook has following steps:-

  • Go to facebook page.
  • Make a facebook page (compulsory).
  • On main page of facebook there is a arrow on upper right side and select manage ads.
  • Then there is ad account page appears.
  • Select a account that are listing below.
  • Then a dashboard open click a create button and there open a new dashboard and press ok.

Then there are some custom option that are necessary for good advertisement. There are some option like this add is only shown to a user when it is connected to wifi or you can custom it when the user is on cellular data.

freelancing ads

Mostly people prefer wifi user because this mean this user has enough time and have unlimited data so they can easily buy that thing or have enough time to see this add if they are intrusted. This is a good trick to attract more people toward their ads. There are a lot of option like you can add a short video and picture to attract people toward yours ads. This is also a field of freelancing where you earn money online and start a new business.

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