Emerging Virtual Reality Technology

What is Virtual Reality Technology:-

From the name, it is clear that it is related to some virtual things related to our reality basis. So this is a device that looks like glasses but not like the normal ones. It is bigger and has some equipment with it. This is the emerging technology on another level like other inventions like Super 5G Technology, Emerging AI chips, and many more.

Emerging Virtual reality technology

It is like a headset. By wearing this emerging Virtual Reality headset, the person goes deep in this thing, like if it plays some music video this personal experience that he is in this song in real-time.


  • Does it make people sick!
  • Different between AR and VR.
  • Does this damage the eyesight!

Does it make people sick!

So as from the above discussion, people feel like they are present in the thing that is playing or showing in Virtual reality headset means that a lot of use can be an addiction for that person who uses daily.

Moreover, all movies or videos have scenes like murdering, jumping from a high building,s or some monster running towards them. So as you feel that You are in this can because a heart stroke due to these things. This can also increase blood pressure which again causes serious injury.

Different between AR/VR:-

Firstly, virtual reality requires a headset and the augmented reality(AR) is the advance on we don’t need a headset to go into the virtual world. AR is less dangerous as compared to VR headsets. VR gives a 360-degree view that makes the scene more realistic and more beautiful than ever.

Virtual reality is much more expensive than augmented reality.

Does virtual reality damage the eyesight!

Yes, of course, as Emerging Virtual Reality affects the brain of the human-like focus on something or some deep light in the video can cause a weakness in eyesight.

Virtual reality Effect on eyesight.

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