Emerging E-learning era

Emerging E-learning and its consequences 2021

What is E-Learning!

Emerging E-learning Introduction: The letters (E of E-learning) stand for electronic equipment such as computers, smartphones, or anything else used to connect with other people. And learning may be defined as everything that provides you with knowledge about anything and helps you live a better life.

Emerging E-Learning

So, electronic learning refers to instructing a student through a mobile device and giving lectures through some electronic gadgets rather than through a traditional lecture hall.


  1. Who should join the E-learning?
  2. What are E-learning tools?
  3. Problems at students end.
  4. Is it a reasonable alternative to on-campus education?
  5. What are the advantages of e-learning?
  6. Is e-learning harmful to one’s health?
  7. Beneficial to younger people?

Why need this system?

So due to Covid-19, illness appears as a pop-up on this system’s screen. Because of this, the entire planet is frozen, and the whole world’s economic health is deteriorating simultaneously. People’s interaction is completely prohibited. There are no public parks and no family outings. To mitigate this risk, the only way to continue the study system is through electronic learning.

Effect of Covid-19

1-Who should need E-learning

Firstly, the busy people that have multiple works to do must have to join this system.

Secondly, the person that is handicap is more likely to join this system. Adopting this system makes it easy to get on time in class without even a simple move.

E-learning is a better system for busy people with other responsibilities. This can save time, travel time, and this time that can merge into some other activities.

This system also helps save time, such as for men who want to convey some message to their employees and the news, this method is simple and more convenient.

2-What are E-Learning tools

So the app and software that help in this system are Microsoft team and Zoom, which are the most famous. These apps provide the best experience for meetings and classes for the student.

Emerging E learning platforms.

There are some bugs and issues that people are facing.

So the officials are also quite compromising and are solving these problems very quickly.

For now, keeps the problems aside. Let’s look at the benefits.

More importantly, these apps are cloud-based mean it doesn’t take the storage from the smartphone or computers.

These cloud-based apps are better to use because lectures and meetings are usually too long, and they can consume a large space if recoded. So due to this cloud-based system, all meeting storage is in the app cloud, not your mobile. Moreover, you can access this from any place all over the world due to this facility.

3-Problems at student ends about this emerging e-learning system

A student community has expressed dissatisfaction with the current structure as a result. For example, they have issues like course content discussion, internet connectivity concerns. (So by new 5G technology that gives good, stable connectivity, and the availability of smartphone devices.)

As a result, most students are opposed to this E-learning approach since they believe that the physical attraction is superior to the virtual one.

On the other hand, if the course they are attempting is practical, such as in engineering or any talent, such as practicing medicine.

You can imagine what they are losing

There are always some issues in every new step of life, so we have to be patient, but the government should solve these major issues before it’s too late.

The world is not ready for this situation that covid-19 made. So we must have to upgrade with this virus and keep moving with our government and nations.

4-Is it a reasonable alternative to on-campus education

Firstly, direct interaction with people is a lot different than virtual interaction. So, on-campus education is much beneficial than an E-learning education system. Secondly, we have to do some experiment-based study which is impossible by an E-Learning platform.

Experiment based Teaching

In the future, when the technology is on another level, then at that time, we can expect that we can experiment-based work at home but not at that time.

From the beginning of the world, we have the habit of interactions, and we do things by observing things. The idea of transferring to this virtual world is quite hard in practice.

This needs some time that people are familiar with this system.

5-What are the advantages of this emerging E-Learning

As previously discussed, the primary advantage is that it can save a significant amount of time when traveling, resulting in substantial savings in terms of gasoline consumption costs. Furthermore, the fees are significantly lower when compared to on-campus classes.

This technique offers greater flexibility because it does not necessitate the utilization of a certain location for research. This technology also allows the learner to study while driving, demonstrating how easy it is for them.

This technology also allows for customization, which means that a student can choose their study location that is in harmony with their environment and improves their mental well- being.

6-Is Emerging E-Learning harmful to one’s health

Yes, this can damage the health of life of a student. So the first thing is that everyone knows by now that the student has a lot of time, so by E-learning, they spend their time sleeping and sleeping, which causes laziness.

Emerging e-learning effects

This can also damage the health of the student mind, like don’t leave a room all day. This routine can cause a high chance of a fatty body.
No walk no healthy activity can defiantly cause bad effects on health.

7-Beneficial to younger people

Yes, if younger take it a positive way, then it can give them an advantage. So they must participate in healthy activities; playing a game like a football, cricket, and badminton. By this system, they should improve their health and increase the productivity of doing things.

Students can also do side business or do part-time jobs to supports their families.

This system can help a student get privacy and adopt any environment suitable to his nature. So due to this thing, this E-Learning can be beneficial for younger people.

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