E-Bicycle tech (E-bike) For daily life

Main Idea about making E-Bicycle tech:-

E-Bicycle tech is a viable method of transportation all over the world. E-Bicycles are an alternative method of transportation that is powered by renewable energy.

The major advantage of using this E-Bicycle is that it is user-friendly, economical, and cost-effective.

 E-Bicycle tech remove pollution

When compared to traditional modes of transportation, the system’s efficiency is undeniable. Moreover, the E-Bicycle will be powered by a battery, and the power will be supplied by a pure sine wave.

E-Bicycle tech possesses the following characteristics:-

  • High Mobility Efficiency
  • Compactness Regenerative Braking Electrical Power
  • Comfortable Riding Experience.
  • Lightweight Zero Carbon Footprint.
  • Environmentally Friendly


The majority of our population consisting of 225 million people use motorbikes for their commute. Moreover, The switch to E-Bicycles would be a massive shift towards making the countries

The carbon footprint decreases massively while shifting the reliance on fossil fuels. The use of this E-Bicycle tech will also lead to an improvement in the health and fitness of the masses.

advance E-Bicycle tech

Another positive aspect is that it would empower millions of women with a cheap, efficient, and safe method of transportation. The rest of the world has already started shifting to using E.V vehicles in a bid to save the planet. This innovation would help the whole world to stay at the forefront of those efforts

Alongside them, especially with the local assembly of these E-Bicycles.

Problem Statement of E-Bicycle tech:-

Ease of Access

So people of all ages and body types can use this bicycle and control it very easily due to the manual operation assisted by the extra power from the battery.

The manual mechanism, when used, would be a very good exercise for improving fitness, hence leading to better regulation and maintenance of high blood pressure and weight.


Purchasing an E-Bicycle would not require any payment for number plate generation or tax.

Official documentation and bills or engine oil change plus tuning in addition to the impressive savings compared to the fuel consumption of motorbikes which makes our project an

Extremely versatile and viable product for the market.

Swiftness and Versatility

E-Bicycles are very swift and versatile as the hybrid electromechanical system allows you to seamlessly switch between both modes according to the situation plus terrain enabling the user to go up to 25-45km/h while passing through dense traffic or congested roads which.

Our obstacle avoidance Sensors would prevent accidents to transpire within traffic making our project very safe.

Sustainable Green Energy

This E-Bicycle tech is nature friendly as using it would have a positive impact on the environment as it does not emit or produce any sort of pollutants. It means that its adoption on a large scale would lead to tremendous benefits for our climate which can be observed due to the lessening of carbon emissions.


  • Environment
  • Automotive sector
  • Sector Health
  • Sector Economy

Risks & Constraints:-

  • The weight of the bicycle due to the battery pack and the motor will be heavier than a traditional bicycle.
  • The electrical assistive functions of the bike will only function properly for individuals within a certain weight limit.
  • Battery charging takes some time.
  • In any event of repair and maintenance, a battery replacement would be slightly costly.
 Electrical-Bicycle technology