Digital Learning

Augmented gaming

Augmented reality World: Wonderland

The augmented reality world is becoming an emerging field worldwide. This field is becoming popular in our youth, and youth are adopting it as a career. This advancement is just another level in visual effects, and this changed the way of thinking. Visual reality is your dream world. This advancement is beyond imagination. This augmented …

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freelancing ads guide

Facebook ads Guides

Facebook ads guides simply mean that how to advertise the brands or any kind of things on facebook. Mean that if you want to advertise you product or anything you are using facebook. You can earn money for this advertising product and it very easy and reliable for attracting peoples. This is because billion of …

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Emerging Fiverr Platform

What is Emerging Fiverr Platform? This Emerging Fiverr Platform provides freelancers a job, platform, market place to sell its skill and services. Fiverr is a company that provides a reliable and good environment to sell your service. Moreover, this thing is becoming more and more famous people are just rushing into this field. This company …

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Emerging E-learning era

Emerging E-learning and its consequences 2021

What is E-Learning! Emerging E-learning Introduction: The letters (E of E-learning) stand for electronic equipment such as computers, smartphones, or anything else used to connect with other people. And learning may be defined as everything that provides you with knowledge about anything and helps you live a better life. So, electronic learning refers to instructing …

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Choose new career

Want to find new career in information technology?

If you want to find a new career in information technology, you might be in the right place to do so. Everybody has their own motives for getting into IT. Now, the timing is perfect. Employment opportunities There‚Äôs a huge range of employment opportunities in information technology (or IT). The industry is in a massive …

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what is online-education

What is e-learning?

The value of traditional classrooms cannot be denied. As time passes, things evolve. The same is true for traditional learning, which is undergoing rapid evolution, particularly in the face of the covid pandemic. Below are the questions which will clear the doubts about this. 1.How would you define e-learning? E-learning is the process of learning …

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emerging techs

Top 6 emerging digital tech in digital learning

To begin writing about these emerging digital tech in digital learning, I’d like to dispel the myths surrounding digital learning. Here are some clarifications about it. Digital learning is often confused with online learning or e-learning. However, both words are used in the phrase “digital learning.” E-learning VS Digital learning E-learning is the process of acquiring …

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