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Can I Use Loopback with OBS to Stream on Twitch?

In today’s digital era, content creation, particularly live streaming on platforms like Twitch, has become an art form. Ensuring your audience receives an optimal auditory experience is just as pivotal as delivering visually captivating content. Enter Loopback: a powerful audio routing software that has stirred conversations in the streaming community. But can you integrate Loopback with OBS, one of the most popular streaming tools, to enhance your Twitch streams?

This article dives deep into the harmonization of Loopback with OBS, offering a comprehensive guide for streamers keen on elevating their audio game. Whether you’re a seasoned streamer or just getting started, our exploration into this tech duo will provide insights, setup guides, and expert tips to set your streams a notch above the rest. Let’s dive in!

Using Loopback with OBS for Twitch Streaming

Setting Up Loopback with OBS

  • A step-by-step guide on integrating Loopback with OBS.
  • Potential challenges and their solutions.

Advice from editorial team: Consider incorporating screenshots or a short video tutorial for this section. A visual guide can greatly help users in setting up the software correctly.

Achieving Optimal Audio Quality

  • Tips on using Loopback features for enhancing streaming audio.
  • Balancing game sounds, voice, and other audio sources for a professional stream.

Advice from editorial team: Reach out to audio professionals or Twitch streamers for additional tips and best practices. Their insights can add depth to the content.

Why does our team think this is important?

  • The rise in popularity of Twitch streaming and the necessity of high-quality audio for an immersive viewer experience.
  • Addressing common challenges faced by streamers in managing multiple audio sources.


Is Loopback available for both Windows and Mac?

As of my last update in January 2022, Loopback is primarily designed for macOS. However, the software landscape is always evolving, so it’s a good idea to check the official Loopback website or relevant forums for any recent Windows-compatible versions or updates.

How does Loopback handle audio delays or lags during live streaming?

Loopback is engineered to provide minimal latency, ensuring real-time audio routing. While it typically handles audio routing seamlessly, any noticeable delays or lags might be due to other factors, such as system performance, other running applications, or the streaming software itself. If users encounter issues, they can explore buffer settings or consult the Loopback documentation for troubleshooting tips.

Are there any free alternatives to Loopback that work well with OBS?

Yes, there are free alternatives to Loopback that can be integrated with OBS. One notable option for macOS users is «BlackHole.» For Windows users, «VB-CABLE» and «VoiceMeeter» are popular choices. While these alternatives offer audio routing capabilities, the user experience, features, and ease of setup might differ from Loopback.

Can I use Loopback to manage audio for platforms other than Twitch?

Absolutely! Loopback is a versatile audio routing tool that can be used to manage audio for any streaming or broadcasting platform, not just Twitch. Whether you’re streaming on YouTube, Facebook Live, or any other platform, Loopback can help you handle multiple audio sources effectively.

How does Loopback affect my computer’s CPU usage during streaming?

Loopback is designed to be efficient and lightweight, so it typically has minimal impact on CPU usage. However, the exact CPU consumption can vary based on the complexity of your audio setup, the number of channels you’re routing, and other running applications. It’s always advisable to monitor your system’s performance, especially during live streams, to ensure everything runs smoothly. If you notice significant CPU usage spikes, you might need to adjust your setup or check for software updates.

Article Sources:

  • Official websites and user manuals of Loopback and OBS.
  • Twitch streamer forums and community discussions.
  • Expert reviews and articles on audio routing software.
  • Interviews or statements from professional Twitch streamers or audio engineers.
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