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Augmented reality World: Wonderland

The augmented reality world is becoming an emerging field worldwide. This field is becoming popular in our youth, and youth are adopting it as a career. This advancement is just another level in visual effects, and this changed the way of thinking.

Visual reality is your dream world.

This advancement is beyond imagination. This augmented gaming is a visual effect for humans that an unrealistic thing is just in front of them like a lion is walking around them or in a gaming sense, you have the gun, and you are shooting other players.

Augmented reality world

We can see the sight of swaying trees in the park, dogs chasing balls, and children playing soccer are all present.

Children playing soccer in front of an alien spacecraft, or a flying lizard among the woods, are all possibilities.


Why youth adopting Augmented reality world?

Everyone has a happy fantasy world, but the average person cannot afford it. With the advent of augmented reality technology, these people can see their dream come true. This augmented reality technology provides you with an environment that you dream about.

You have to wear glasses, and you enter a whole new world. Additionally, these visual effects create such a scene that you feel you are doing this thing. The best example of augmented reality is the virtual reality glasses which provide a 3D view of anything in the world.

Augmented reality world

Dreams come True!

As gaming is enhancing, it’s becoming a billion-dollar community. Youth are making their channel on youtube, Facebook, or another platform. This can give them a platform where they show their skills and earn handsome money.

Effect of Augmented Reality on World

Everything has some pros and cons. This technology has many pros but also some cons. e.g

Like from a doctor’s point of view, AR also affects the health of humans.

AR is so realistic, and because of this, if you see something horror during this view, this causes a heart attack. Likewise, if there is a scene of falling from a high building, this also causes a heart attack or any other savior effect on health.

Augmented reality world.

On the other hand, anything that does for the whole day no other activities that give you a healthy body then this technology also affects health.

The issue of harassment in gaming companies is one of the more severe challenges in the industry. Ubisoft, like other game businesses, has a culture of persecutory harassment.

You also hear about the metoo movement for harassment victims.

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality: Which Is Better?

Augmented reality is a technology that uses the current real-world environment and overlays virtual information on top of it to improve the user’s perception.
In short, virtual reality places users in an entirely new setting created and simulated by computers and enable them to “inhabit” it.

All of these tasks are carried out by a piece of software capable of utilizing this technology. Users can look up, down, or in any other direction, they wish using a virtual reality viewer.

Why this industry is Uprising?

Demand for (AR) devices in healthcare is rising, as is demand for AR in retail and e-commerce, thanks to COVID-19. COVID-19 has severely hampered major manufacturing units due to a global lockdown, labor, and raw material shortages.

Augmented world

Augmented Reality in Future world of technology!

Allowing consumers to shop online has been popular among retail industry companies such as American Apparel, Uniqlo, Lacoste, Kohl’s, and Sephora, among other brands. Others have turned their virtual fitting rooms into a reality for their clients.

Customers will be able to obtain hands-on experience before purchasing from the comfort of their own homes.

AR In Shopping:

Customers can use IKEA’s app to view how furniture and other things would look in their own homes, thanks to augmented reality technology. Moreover, customers’ cell phones provide them with endless options that don’t end at home. While in-store, smart mirrors and RFID tags offer shoppers new opportunities to receive product recommendations.

Augmented reality to navigate the world.

The advantages of using augmented reality for indoor navigation are undeniable, thanks to the increased bandwidth and control over the interior environment.

Navigation can be enhanced in various ways with various tools, such as Bluetooth beacons, ceiling antennae, and QR codes.

Where there are Wi-Fi signals, then you don’t have to worry about getting lost.

For example, Apple’s iPhone AR can handle interior geolocation by utilizing Wi-Fi radiofrequency patterns.

The Application of Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry:

Aside from its employment in automobiles, augmented reality can be used for automotive marketing campaigns.

BMW and Accenture collaborated on developing an augmented reality application that allows clients to test drive a new automobile in their driveway without needing to visit a dealership.

They can also see how the virtual car appears in various hues by changing the background color.

AR Events:

Events taken by (AR) like a live meeting and people are standing live in front of you.

This innovative, interesting tech is more time-saving and more reliable than sitting in front of the laptop and keeps starring at it.

AR in Sports Events:

Web-based augmented reality (WebAR) is also being used in the sports business by organizations such as the 8th Wall. AR may also be used to build holograms of sports players, in which consumers can interact with them in their homes or from the company.

E-sport games are also an example of this Augmented reality tech.

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