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Artificial intelligence Deepfake technology

What is Artificial intelligence deepfake technology?

Technology that mirrors reality with artificial intelligence is known as deepfake technology.

Computers have improved their ability to mimic reality. Modern cinema relies heavily on computer-generated sets, fictitious characters, animations, and scenery, all manufactured by computers.

This computer-generated environment appears so lifelike to some that they are unable to tell whether it is real or not.

Deepfake technology has recently gotten a lot of attention. Deepfakes are the most recent iteration of computer-generated imagery (CGI).

The term “deep” here directs to the AI technology used, referred to as deep learning.

artificial deepfake technologies

Hi, DeepFake Readers.

Video and other digital media can be faked with “deepfakes,” which use artificial intelligence to change one person’s look for another.

More simple

Your face will be on another body.

artificial  deepfake technology


Deepfake technology: Is it a positive development?

Yes! If you positively use technology, it has the potential to improve society.


Deepfake technology has many educational applications. Schools and teachers have been utilizing media such as audio and video for a very long time, and this is nothing new.

To stand out, it’s time to break away from the norm and innovate.

modern education

MY Book???😲😲

Come on, it’s getting too much.🙄🙄

Jokes apart, but AI is now capable of a wide range of magical feats.

The artificial intelligence deepfake technology will assist the educational institute in modernizing its teaching methods and assessment methods also.

Consider historical figures such as dinosaurs (I have no idea if they exist or not) moving, running, and eating right in front of your eyes.

Paleontologists, for example, have discovered some traces of an ancestor being. You can also use deepfake to look at its anatomy.

artificial deepfake in anatomy

It’s possible to enhance this figure’s comprehension by giving it a voice or making it move artificially.

deepfake  paleontology

Oh, I’m history now!!😔

History can be brought to life with AI-generated synthetic media.


This emerging artificial intelligence-oriented deepfake technology can change e-commerce and advertising.

For example, the brands hire models who do not work in the modeling industry. They can showcase fashion ensembles on various models with varying skin tones, heights, and weights.

emerging artificial ecommerce business

Consumers themselves turn into the model and try the clothes virtually before purchasing to check whether it looks good on them or not.

People could use technology to try on clothes online quickly. They could also make digital clones of themselves and have these avatars follow them around as they shop online.

They can also use this technology to try on wedding attire and experience a wedding venue in virtual form.

Enterainment Industry

Artificial intelligence deepfake technologies have numerous applications in the film industry.

Mishaps can happen to anyone at any time.

AI technology advantages

Suppose an actor or singer lost their voice or couldn’t speak because of an illness, or a movie part needs to be reshot, and the actor isn’t there.

An actor, singer, or other entertainment professional loses their voice or cannot speak due to illness.

A scene from a movie needs to be reshot, and the actor is not available.

The whole day will be a waste of labor and resources.

The answer is to make digital voices for actors who have lost their voices because of illness or change film footage rather than reshoot it.

Another benefit

Moviemakers will re-create scenes from classic films and create new films featuring actors who have passed away.

Using special effects and face editing, this technology can make a simple movie stand out.

In addition, Deepfake technology makes it possible to automatically and realistically dub films in any language. This artificial intelligence technology assists filmmakers in distributing their work to a wider range of audiences.

Special Persons

The who cannot speak can use this technology to communicate using its digital voice function.

Helping to face trauma

  • Deepfake technology can also help recreate the person’s limb who lost it in an accident.
  • Deepfakes can help grieving loved ones say goodbye to a deceased friend by digitally resurrecting her.
special person

Alzheimer Patients

This technology can even help people with Alzheimer’s connect to a younger face that they may recognize.

Downfalls of this deepfake technology of artificial Intelligence

Deepfake technology can make any person in the world look like they were in a video or picture even though they didn’t do anything.

This technology creates falsified content to blackmail people by replacing emotions and actions with Artificial deep learning technology.

artificial intelligence deepfake scam

Beware! Beware!

Certainly, if it is done with the intent of sabotaging a candidate or election.

Let’s check some countries’ actions against the deepfake.

on-campus as character building
Source: Canva

Late December 2020: Trump signed an Act called the Identifying Outputs of Generative Adversarial Networks Act into law. As part of this law, the National Science Foundation must research the effects of deepfake technology on society and check the measures to detect authenticity.

According to an article in the University of Illinois Law Review, a few other states have also put protections and rules about deepfakes.

Texas was the first state to prohibit deepfakes intended to influence an election, which took effect in 2019.

Virginia also outlawed deepfake pornography in 2009.

California’s also passed the law that bans the deepfaking of any political person before 60 days of an election.

Deepfake is not banned, but it comes with some conditions, including obscenity and copyright infringement.

How to recognize a Deepfake artificial Intelligence technology?

Spotting a deepfake is getting more difficult, but there are some things to look for when figuring out what is real and what isn’t.

confuse about a career
Source: Canva
  • Unusual or no blinking
  • Check the eyes. Pay attention to the reflection spot of deepfake photos. Reflection spots in deepfake photos are not on the same spot, but the real have.
  • A skin tone that is not even or splotchy.
  • Lip synchronization is off.
  • Inconsistencies in small things like hair and jewelry, like how they look and move.

We can’t completely get rid of them, just like we can’t completely get rid of the virus. However, we can coexist with it, and the best course of action is to remain vigilant.

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