Augmented gaming

Augmented reality World: Wonderland

The augmented reality world is becoming an emerging field worldwide. This field is becoming popular in our youth, and youth are adopting it as a career. This advancement is just another level in visual effects, and this changed the way of thinking. Visual reality is your dream world. This advancement is beyond imagination. This augmented …

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freelancing ads guide

Facebook ads Guides

Facebook ads guides simply mean that how to advertise the brands or any kind of things on facebook. Mean that if you want to advertise you product or anything you are using facebook. You can earn money for this advertising product and it very easy and reliable for attracting peoples. This is because billion of …

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Freelancer As Graphic Designer

Let your imagination run wild:Freelancer As Graphic Designer

Freelancer As Graphic Designer is a digital work from home. You can get a handsome amount of money from that profession. You can make a logo for a person or do some editing for a random person in the digital market like Fiverr, Upwork, or any other market. If you are good at that skill …

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Emerging Fiverr Platform

What is Emerging Fiverr Platform? This Emerging Fiverr Platform provides freelancers a job, platform, market place to sell its skill and services. Fiverr is a company that provides a reliable and good environment to sell your service. Moreover, this thing is becoming more and more famous people are just rushing into this field. This company …

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Emerging AI Camera technology

Your Watchdog: Emerging AI Camera technology

Emerging AI Camera technology is growing by the day. So, Is this technology is just a camera? or does the code that runs it matters. No, Lenses are also important for a clean perspective and high-quality photos and videos. This AI camera technology can intelligently judge people and provide useful information about them or for …

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Emerging blockchain technology.

Emerging Blockchain technology

What is Emerging blockchain technology! So this thing gives ease of accessing data or any information in a specific region or place. So the block means a particular area or location where this system applies, and chain means they are connected like a Normal chain. This is the essence of emerging blockchain technology. Be connected …

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Emerging E-learning era

Emerging E-learning and its consequences 2021

What is E-Learning! Emerging E-learning Introduction: The letters (E of E-learning) stand for electronic equipment such as computers, smartphones, or anything else used to connect with other people. And learning may be defined as everything that provides you with knowledge about anything and helps you live a better life. So, electronic learning refers to instructing …

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