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Top 6 emerging digital tech in digital learning

To begin writing about these emerging digital tech in digital learning, I’d like to dispel the myths surrounding digital learning. Here are some clarifications about it. Digital learning is often confused with online learning or e-learning. However, both words are used in the phrase “digital learning.” E-learning VS Digital learning E-learning is the process of acquiring …

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Cyber Security Development.

When it comes to protecting computers from malicious attacks, cyber security is a strategy that is used. To put it simply, this strategy is an approach to diagnosing a problem with your server or with your mobile device. Using this strategy, we can also protect ourselves from hackers that attempt to get your data and …

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The Era of Electric Cars

Emissions from Electric Cars are cleaner, quieter, and less polluting than gasoline. Using electric cars to minimize carbon pollution is also a feasible alternative. The worst-case scenario is that we will only have 40 years’ worth of oil left if current consumption rates continue. An increasing shortage will, indeed, lead to a major rise in …

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effects of deepfake technology

Artificial intelligence Deepfake technology

What is Artificial intelligence deepfake technology? Technology that mirrors reality with artificial intelligence is known as deepfake technology. Computers have improved their ability to mimic reality. Modern cinema relies heavily on computer-generated sets, fictitious characters, animations, and scenery, all manufactured by computers. This computer-generated environment appears so lifelike to some that they are unable to …

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Internet of things

Progress in the Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of things works in such a way that it observe people and things that have unique IDs then sends data over a network without requiring a data transmission mechanism or direct human-to-human contact. An exciting new technological development is the Internet of Things (IoT). A growing number of items are incorporating Wi-Fi connectivity, making …

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Augmented gaming

Augmented reality World: Wonderland

The augmented reality world is becoming an emerging field worldwide. This field is becoming popular in our youth, and youth are adopting it as a career. This advancement is just another level in visual effects, and this changed the way of thinking. Visual reality is your dream world. This advancement is beyond imagination. This augmented …

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freelancing ads guide

Facebook ads Guides

Facebook ads guides simply mean that how to advertise the brands or any kind of things on facebook. Mean that if you want to advertise you product or anything you are using facebook. You can earn money for this advertising product and it very easy and reliable for attracting peoples. This is because billion of …

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